Trick: how to get pokecoins in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a revolution that no one can deny, this innovation regarding the world of video games promises to mark a before and after in the history of gamers. Nintendo is a company with a great vision and intelligence, since its strategies are very astute, but how can we argue that? It all starts with one of the most remarkable features of the game: Pokemon GO is a free application.

Yes, Pokemon GO is a totally free game, however under its virtual reality, we must really experience how to buy pokecoins, since this coin is the only one that can help us to “buy” all the items that Pokemon Go offers you To advance as a trainer within the game. Want to advance faster in the game? You can see the obligation to spend real money to get the pokecoins or know this excellent trick that we are going to tell you next.

In Pokemon history, it is very common for coaches to visit gyms to challenge their leaders, well in Pokemon GO you will have to do the same, however this is the option that you will use to get pokecoins. You can challenge the leader and keep enough time for your pokemon to level up or stay in the duel totally unbeaten since this represents a great achievement in the game. The truth is that after this you go to your pokestop and press the icon in the upper right corner which will give you a bonus of pokecoins for each pokemon you defeated in the gym. It is important that you know that you can only access these bonuses every 20 hours. We also want to remind you that the importance of the Pokemon is that with them you can buy pokeballs, egg incubators and other articles that will help you as a pokemon coach.