Know the Pokecoins, their use in Pokemon GO and how to get them Free.

Nintendo did it again! After many years, decided to revolutionize the world, but now from the point of applications. This is how Pokemon GO was born, a virtual reality game that fulfills the dream of many: Being a true pokemon trainer. Since this game appeared (Currently available in more than 30 countries) it has revolutionized social networks, virtual stores and the whole world society.

Pokemon GO is a free application, however we must experience the essence of the work to get some items that are important for your development in the game: pokecoins.

Pokecoins are a type of coin that exists in the game and with them you have the freedom to buy pokeballs or also called pokebolas, egg incubators, among others. In the beginning of the game, you will be given a quantity of pokecoins, which unfortunately you will have to spend to buy pokeballs to start with your adventure of catching wild pokemon.

A few tricks to get free Pokecoins or Pokemonedas are called generators or hacks, which also serve to generate free pokeballs or also called pokebolas, these generators there that try to make them work 3 to 5 times to really work, as they are a little Saturated.

Pokecoins are really hard to get by accident during your pokemon trip, so you must do a couple of activities to win them and thus maintain your status as a pokemon trainer optimal.

Once you have reached level 5 in experience, you can start visiting pokemon gyms, ready to challenge their leaders; For that moment you can start making money by winning these challenges, but how? You will have the option to take charge of a gym or to be part of one, this will happen placing one of your pokemon in these stops and you will have to defend it of each challenge. Once done, you can wait 24 hours, then you can check your pokestop and you will see that you have collected 10 pokecoins.

We recommend that during these fights in the gyms, do not choose your pokemon to fight in your name, since you need to hunt the rest of wild pokemon you get on the road.