Would you like to get Pokéballs totally Free and unlimited in the game of Pokémon Go? Since today you are lucky, because we bring you an essential collection on the best tricks to achieve Poké Balls for free and also unlimited. Shall we begin?

Although you probably already know, Pokéballs are a fundamental factor of the game Pokémon Go, since they are essential to be able to catch your Pokémon and in this way to achieve to have a high number of Pokémon in your Pokédex. Having a huge army of Pokémon is essential to get past the game of Pokémon Go and become a phenomenal Pokémon trainer.

As you have already felt, not always and at all times hunting a Pokémon at first, and is that certain are rather difficult to catch than others. To catch these resisting Pokémon there are different genres of Poké Balls besides the basic ones: SuperBall, Ultraball and Masterball.

Types of Pokeballs

First we have the basic Poké Ball that we can use from the first moment we download the game of Pokémon Go (if you do not already have it you can download Pokémon Go without cost from the backlink). It is essential to always have many Pokéballs of this genre in every circumstance, since they are the ones that will let us advance in the game quickly and assist us to be a better Pokémon trainer.

As we level up in the game of Pokémon Go, they leave unlocking new objects that we can get. When we reach level twelve, the Superballs are unlocked so that we will be able to achieve this class of Pokéballs for free. These Poké Balls are more resilient and therefore considerably more effective, when we launch a Superball the Pokémon we want to capture is less likely to escape.

From level twenty and we will be able to achieve Ultraballs, however, it is still unknown at what level we will be able to achieve Masterballs, since it is something that the authors of Pokémon Go have not yet unveiled.

How to achieve Free and also unlimited Pokeballs in Pokémon Go

So far we have explained how the Poké Balls and the different types that exist, but you are going to be asking: How can I achieve Pokéballs without cost? Is it simple to get free PokéBalls in Pokémon Go?

To achieve many Pokéballs for free in Pokémon Go there are a number of tricks that you can easily continue:

Trick 1: Win Free Pokébolas by visiting a Pokéstation

To win Pokéballs without cost the easiest way is to cross your district in search of Poképaradas. Poképaradas tend to be the most symbolic places of your district or your city, can be monuments, buildings or places of interest. You will know that you are in front of a Poképarada by the fact that in the map of the game they will be indicated as a blue square that will be transformed into a circle when you are near them so that you can get Free Pokéballs

The Poképaradas are an unlimited and free source of Pokéballs, the only drawback is that the moment you have visited a Poképarada, you will need at least five minutes to visit it again and get free Pokéballs.

Trick 2: Achieve Free Pokébolas by leveling

Another easy way to achieve free Pokéballs in Pokémon Go is by leveling up. As we advance in the game, we gain experience as a Pokémon trainer and this experience helps us to level up. Whenever we get to a higher level in Pokémon Go we are rewarded with many different objects, among which are the Pokéballs.

Trick 3: Get Free Pokemon using Pokemon

Another of the incredible tricks that we have compiled for you is to exchange your Pokémonedas for Pokéballs. In the “Shop” section of the game Pokémon Go you will find the possibility to acquire Poké Balls in exchange for Pokécoins.

With one hundred Pokémon, you can acquire twenty Pokéballs, with four hundred sixty Pokémon, you can get one hundred Pokéballs, and finally, with eight hundred Pokémon, you can achieve two hundred Pokéballs.

Obtaining Pokemon Coins is not as difficult as it might seem, so if you still do not know how to get PokeCoins free we recommend you read our previous article in which we will explain it to you with all the details.

If any of these links or generators PokeCoins and Pokeballs Free does not work please try trying with another.

We hope that thanks to us you can achieve many Pokéballs without cost and you become the best Pokémon trainer in your city. If you want to know more tricks about the game of Pokémon Go we recommend you to discover a splendid tutorial to achieve candies in Pokémon Go ..