In this article you will discover how to achieve Free and Easy Candies in Pokémon Go quickly and easily. And as you will know, the candy in Pokémon Go are of utmost importance to increase the level of our Pokémon and evolve to increase its power and fill more quickly the whole Pokédex. If you still do not have the trend game, you can download Pokémon Go without cost from our website.

At what point are candy made in Pokémon Go? How to achieve Charmander candies? How can I get enough candy to evolve a Pokémon? Each and every one of these questions are the ones we are going to answer during this article. A quick little guide to the candy in Pokémon Go that we wait for you will be very helpful.

You will notice on numerous occasions that when we catch a Pokémon (whether new or repeated) the game rewards us with three candies of that Pokémon and a hundred Powershots. The powdered stars are powders that will serve to increase the level of a Pokémon next to the candy. Whenever we want to progress a Pokémon we have to use Pokerstars accompanied by Pokémon candy, unless we want to evolve it, then we will only need a certain number of candies.

Candies in Pokémon Go: What are they and why are they so essential?

Get candy in Pokémon Go is essential to be able to advance quickly in the game and progress in this way all our Pokémon. Their march is very simple, we will be able to use the candy of Pokémon Go to deliver more computer and PS to a Pokémon or even to evolve it (if we have enough sweets).

The stronger our Pokémon, the more dust we will need to improve it, and the longer it will take to gather all the precision to apply the improvement. However, getting candy from your favorite Pokémon is not always and at all times simple, in fact, on many occasions it is really difficult to achieve candy without cost in Pokémon Go. For this, we are going to teach you some tricks for Pokémon Go that will let you get charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasur and Squirtle candies.

* How to get Charmander candies: To win Charmander candies and to be able to thrive in this way our little fire Pokémon we will have to catch more Charmander all over our city. That is not as simple as it looks, so we will have to be careful wherever we go in case a Charmander appears and we can apprehend him. A good trick that many trainers employ is to use third-party services where they point out in real time where the Pokémon are in our city. (Pokévision could be a good example).
* How to get Pikachu candy: if you are lucky (as we have had) you will be able to achieve many Pikachu candy without leaving home, is that if you live in some area inhabited by Pikachu, it will be very simple to catch a Huge number and evolve to Raichu. If that is not your case, we recommend that you try Pokévision to know where Pikachu is in real time to go for it.
In order to obtain Bulbasur and / or Squirtle candy, we must continue the steps previously exposed to be able to know their situation in real time and also to go for them immediately.
Did you know this trick? We have been using Pokévision for some time and the truth is that the success rate is quite high and can be used to achieve a high number of candies in Pokémon Go of our favorite Pokémon.

How to achieve Candy in Pokémon Go

Let’s get to the point, now that we know approximately what the candies are in Pokémon Go and for what they are worth, we will explain briefly how to achieve candies in a fast and easy. Based on the fact that to win candies we tend to catch more Pokémon better (and to catch Pokémon we must have a good number of Pokéballs, you can visit our guide on how to achieve Pokéballs totally free), the tricks are as follows:

* Get candy without leaving home: You will have noticed that when we take about twenty-thirty minutes without playing Pokémon Go and we open it again, almost instantaneously we have two-three Pokémon. Well, this is a good way to play Pokémon Go from home and over achieve candy fast and easy.
* Use the eggs to win candies: if it seems a trick a bit lioso, we assure you that it goes perfectly. The only thing we are going to have to do is put in the incubators the eggs that we are finding in the city. When we complete the precise km, the egg is going to open with a Pokémon inside and how could it be otherwise, we will be rewarded with candy from that Pokémon (who knows, maybe you’re lucky and touch you Candies Charmander …)
* Walk without stopping: if we have already said that the sweets are achieved by capturing Pokémon and we also know that to catch Pokémon we must walk around the city, since white and in the bottle. If we walk multiple times a day in the street after Pokémon we will be able to achieve large quantities of Candies and Dust Bunkers that will help us a lot to progress in the game. favorite.

Well, until now we have come with our basic guide to making candy in Pokémon Go quickly and safely. We take advantage to invite you to know our trick to get free PokéCoins safely and easily. So, I hope you have enjoyed knowing more about the Pokémon candies and that from now on you will bring many candies to our health.